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haVe y'ALL heard my
Madd Vibe Orchestra!?
How dO you Like iT?
TheY some MADD BadAss'S!!

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$.99 for "Curse of 1000 Mommies"
iTunes: http://bit.ly/1pqXewT
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Stripe-on-Stripe interview


Well here it is folks, at last the big wonton soup has arrived for everyone
to take a little nip and then a big sip and with that magical curve and that wonderful dip.

Reach into that bag and pull out that chip and Woo pow!
Hence forth, Furthermoore IN addition too, and subsequently speaking
and with out further doo doo
easy over and sunny side up, in light of the fact saggin in the back,
respectfully speaking my neighbors are tweeking and granted
you've got the right to be concerned ..

And for future reference if you caught all of the above
truth soul peace and love and with all the love here it is.


Yours Truly,
Dr. Maddvibe 

Curse of 1000 Mommies Dropcard

Optimistic Yes Dropcard

Optimistic Yes(a.k.a. "Positivity Hour")

oN "the Angelo Show" Dr. Maddvibe Positivity Hour is a 20 minute radio show.
This is a lengthy expansion of "Optimistic Yes".
This is Where we introduce a Chronically depressed Donnie Doldrum, Donnie Doldrum seeks salvation Through the AngeloShow for a positive uplift Through the inspiring words of Dr. Maddvibe with various inspirational speeches on optimism followed up by optimistic saxophone solos as well. But the story takes a turn as we find out that Donny Doldrum is The chronically depressed split personality serial killer that have committing mercy Killings throughout the community and after being apprehended by the police returned for one last reach out on the Angelo Show.
The moral to the story is Choose the Right yes instead of the Wrong yes…………Optimistic YEs!

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Moore Dropcards!!  

Hello Everyone!
This is another special one from the Dr.Maddvibe’s Medicine Cabinet.

It's that chilling time of the Year for another coldblooded single release.
This is a collaboration between Angelo Christopher Moore and Christopher Moore
and it's called "Curse of 1000 Mommies” for all of you mOmmy Monsters out there
that lOve to put the Curse down.
All you gottah do is go to www.DRMADVIBE.COM and put in the Access code
on the back of your mOmmie monster drop card and enjoy the music!

As of now these drop cards are available from the Angelo Moore Dr.Maddvibe himself
at the nearest Fishbone or Maddvibe show. Or Christopher Moore at the moment.
But will be quickly spreading threw out the public.

If you spot the doctor most likely he will have one of these
special tour pass style drop cards on him.
So keep on the look out.

-Dr. MaddVibe


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