ANGELO MOORE (*Fishbone*) & Dr. MaddVibes Missing Links, Heart Touch & Sal's Greenhouse

Boom Boom Room, 1601 Fillmore St., San Francisco


ANGELO MOORE (of Fishbone) presents:


featuring: Dr. Maddvibes Missing Links, Heart Touch & Sal's Greenhouse

HEART TOUCH / KENO MAPP Putting positive vibration's into our earth, Rocking it to the CORE...! Blasting into the truth of your desires, let your heart be touched by the Funky Rockin Soul influences of Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the seXy twist of The Doors, that not only moves your body, but moves your soul!!! Dare to Love! Heart Touch is Keno Mapp (Vocals), Kevin Carnes (Drums), Bryan Dean (Bass), Erik Blyle (Bass) Uncle Funky (Electric Guitar), and Nicholas Massaro (Electric Guitar). Keno Mapp is an all around artist. The lead singer of the rock band "Heart Touch”, author of the Inspirational Poetry book, "Senseless Murder" & children's book "Windter" as well as a cast member of the Vau de Vire Society. Check out the "Heart Touch” CD that is in stores NOW and be sure to follow him and his group’s as they shake up the world on every level! The Super Funky Poetry Rock that Changed the World Forever... Guest Artists featured on the HEART TOUCH CD; Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Durga McBroom of Pink Floyd, Uriah Duffy of Lyrics Born & White Snake, Atma Anur from Journey, Grammy nominee Ricardo Scales, Juan Richardson aka Uncle Funky, Ira Black of Lizzy Borden, Bnai’ Rebelfront of Lyrics Born, Myron Glasper of Blackalicious, Jila Alajhamandan of Rabbit in the Moon, Stefania from The Vau de Vire Society, Butch of Hyde Street Studios and a host of others, including Nigel the dog! Recorded in its entirety at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. SAL'S GREENHOUSE: In 2012, after fronting many projects and with numerous guest appearances with The New Mastersounds, Angelo Moore, Bayonics, and other regional and national acts; Bay Area vocal powerhouse and Bari sax vixen Sally Green set out to once and for all form the project to get the West Coast shaking and showcase her more than considerable talents in an original music setting. To do so, Sally mined the Bay Area funk music scene for some of the best, brightest and most experienced and grooving players around. Her efforts built a powerhouse ensemble to create and deliver the goods with the multi-faceted veteran guitarist Matt Salata, the funky virtuoso Erico Cisneros on Bass, the animal Dan Schwartz on drums and groove-laden whiz kid Craig Schneider on B3/Rhodes and keyboards. Adding to the impact for live shows is a rotating group of big name horn players guesting to round out the sound. The aptly named Sal’s Greenhouse was launched and hit the scene hard, quickly building an impressive body of original music with a varied blend of influences from Funkadelic to Sharon Jones, to Nikka Costa and many more – resulting in a completely unique and original Funk and Soul sound that still feels so familiar and moves the hips of its fast growing audience in the Bay Area.